Winterizing Your Home and Car


Handy tips for any climate. Article adapted from Even in a desert climate, winter temperatures can sometimes drop below freezing. If you aren’t prepared, an unexpected cold snap can play havoc with your plumbing and vehicles, and could be disastrous if you’re out of town when icy weather blows in. Additionally, many desert dwellers… [Read More]

Risk Management

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Tips to assess and address the things that threaten your business   Even the most careful companies regularly have to confront risk. There will always be hazards that could cost your business dearly. But, at the same time, you have finite resources to devote toward protecting yourself from those hazards. As such, it becomes very… [Read More]

Cyber Attacks

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Are you prepared?   Unlike physical threats that prompt immediate action—like stopping, dropping and rolling if you catch on fire—cyber threats are often difficult to identify and understand. Cyber threats include dangers such as viruses erasing entire systems, intruders breaking into systems and altering files, intruders using your computer or device to attack others and… [Read More]

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance

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Article text provided by Evolve MGA, 1. Cyber crime is the fastest growing crime in the world, but most attacks are not covered by standard property or crime insurance policies. New crimes are emerging every day. The internet means that your busi ness is now exposed to the world’s criminals and is vulnerable to attack… [Read More]

Insurance for Teen Drivers: Q & A

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Part 2: Parents have questions, we have answers   Last month, we gave parents of teen drivers some tips on how to increase safety and keep insurance premiums in check. This article answers some common questions we get from parents when their children approach driving age.   1. Why does it cost so much to… [Read More]

Insurance for Teen Drivers

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Part 1: What every parent should know   Ask any parent of a 16-year-old, and they’ll likely tell you that having a teen driver is a mixed blessing. It’s great that your kid can finally drive herself to soccer practice, and pick up a loaf of bread on the way home. But it’s also a… [Read More]

Home Renovations and Insurance

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Avoid coverage gaps during and after a remodel     You’ve hired a reputable builder, collected paint swatches and selected your new fixtures. Now your long-awaited remodeling project is about to begin. Before the first hammer swings, there is one more thing that you need to do—talk to your insurance agent.   Update your home,… [Read More]

Wildfire Proof Your Home


Protect your property and keep your family safe   Wildfire season is here. As of June 15, there were 19 active fires in Arizona alone. Though the threat of wildfires is greater in the western part of the country, they pose a threat in every state. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, over 70,000… [Read More]

Rental Car Insurance

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  To buy or not to buy?   You’ve probably been at the rental-car counter, listening to the representative ask if you want to purchase the company’s insurance. And the thoughts start racing through your head. “Is this a rip-off? Doesn’t my regular auto policy cover me? What about my credit card? Why didn’t I figure this… [Read More]

Water Detection Devices

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Worried about water damage? A water detection device can warn you of leaks before they cause major problems.   Choose a Water Detection Device that’s Right for You       Individual water sensors Do-it-yourself whole-home devices Automatic shut-off devices Best for Those living in an apartment or condo Renters in single-family homes and price-conscious consumers… [Read More]