Insurance for Restaurants and Caterers


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General Southwest specializes in insurance for the food service industry, including a program specifically designed for caterers and restaurant venues. This program offers spoilage, event cancellation coverage, refrigeration/loss of temperature coverage, errors & omission, general liability, liquor liability, business auto, EEOC claims (EPLI), cyber liability and workers compensation. It’s available to all qualifying caterers and restaurants located in the continental United States.

Whether you run a food truck or a chain of restaurants, your business is a big investment. It’s important to protect yourself, your employees and your patrons with the right types of insurance, and adequate amounts of coverage.

What if…

Your main refrigerator stops working for several hours due to a power outage, and you have to throw out several thousand of dollars worth of perishable food?

A group of patrons falls ill with food poisoning, and fingers your restaurant as the source?

Your Point-of-Sale system gets hacked, compromising customer names and payment information?


The advisors at General Southwest understand that these scenarios, and countess others, have the power to cripple or destroy your business. We provide a full menu of insurance products, specially tailored to the needs of restaurateurs and caterers.

Restaurant insurance generally requires a blend of insurance products. You may require some or all of these coverages:

  • Property: Protects your building, furnishings and other physical assets form things like fire, natural disasters and theft.
  • Spoilage: Covers food and beverages that go bad due to power outages or other mishaps.
  • General liability insurance: covers property damage and bodily injury, including food poisoning. (Some restrictions may apply.)
  • Liquor liability: Specific coverage for property damage or injuries that result from patrons who became intoxicated at your bar.
  • Workers Compensation: Coverage for employees who become injured on the job.
  • Assault and battery liability insurance: Fights are generally excluded by general and liquor liability policies.
  • Boiler and machinery: Provides repair and/or replacement of equipment under a wide variety of circumstances, including power surges.
  • Garage-keepers liability: Necessary if you provide valet parking.
  • Cyber insurance: Most general liability policies specifically exclude cyber attacks and the associated costs.
  • Flood insurance: In most cases, damage from flooding is not covered by property insurance.


Your General Southwest advisor will work with you to understand the unique risks your establishment faces, so you can keep your business cooking.


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