New GSW Program Offers Insurance Solutions

service cogsThe advisors at General Southwest are excited to announce our recent investment in an innovative program. It combines the latest industry knowledge with leading-edge technology, allowing us to provide enhanced solutions and an additional layer of value to our clients. From cyber risks to updates on pending legislation, we can easily access timely and relevant resources for families and businesses.

Looking for tips on avoiding identity theft? Thinking about renting your guest house to vacationers? Worried about how new regulations will affect your company’s travel policies? Wanting to put together an employee wellness campaign, but don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re insuring your personal property or managing risks for a business, your General Southwest Insurance advisor can now provide advice on these topics and many more.

“Our goal, as an agency, has always been to provide a high level of knowledge and expertise,” says executive vice president, Dave Binsfeld. “What this program does, is provide a whole new set of tools that go way beyond an insurance policy. It’s like having a staff of legal experts working for us and our clients. The value is incredible.”

For almost 50 years, General Southwest has provided customized insurance solutions to both personal lines and business accounts. This new program gives us a unique ability to assist our clients with problems they face every day.

Here are a few of the value-added services General Southwest now offers:

  1. Extensive library of materials to provide advice on staying safe and reducing potential claims. From insuring teens to tips for buying new vehicles, our resources provide quick access to a wide variety of references.
  2. Access to compliance materials and other documents to help keep your employees safe and reduce your risk of claims.
  3. Timely and accurate information on legislation that impacts families and businesses.
  4. Customizable programs for HR, OSHA compliance, workers compensation, and other risk areas.
  5. Seasonal information including wellness tips and advice on protecting your property.
  6. Community forums where you can connect with industry peers to ask questions and discuss best practices.
  7. Enhanced ability to be the “one-stop-shop” saving you time and money.

In most cases, these additional services are available to GSW clients at no additional charge, though some highly specialized programs may incur a nominal fee.

In the coming weeks, watch your inbox for our new newsletters. Tailored for specific areas of interest, they will provide industry updates and helpful tips and advice in a quick-to-read format. We encourage you to check them out, and share them with friends and colleagues.

Contact your GSW advisor for more information.

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