Teen Driving Tips

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To Keep Prom and Graduation Safe High school is full of defining moments. For many teens, two of the highlights are prom and graduation. However, this time of year often sees other, more tragic defining moments – serious car accidents involving teens and young adults who are distracted or under the influence of alcohol or… [Read More]

Help Prevent A Homeowners Insurance Claim

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Part II: Minimize Your Risk of a House Fire   In our previous post, we gave you some home maintenance tips to help avoid a water damage claim. Today, we offer some advice on protecting your home and family from the horrors of fire. Katherine Williams, Vice President and General Manager of General Southwest, has seen… [Read More]

Help Prevent A Homeowners Insurance Claim

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Part I: Home Maintenance to Avoid Water Damage   Approximate 1 in 15 homeowners will file an insurance claim each year.  And though the majority of claims are due to bad weather such as high winds and hail, many are due to mechanical failures around the home or lack of maintenance. “Many homeowners insurance claims… [Read More]

How Can I Lower My Car Insurance?

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More bad news for drivers in 2018. For at least the 3rd year in a row, car insurance rates are going up again. Last week, we looked at some of the reasons why. This article, as promised, will give you some tips that might help reduce your pain. “There is no magic way to drop… [Read More]

Why did my car insurance go up again?

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You just got your renewal for your car insurance policy and the rates have gone up again! Feeling steamed? You’re not alone. And as independent insurance agents, we feel your pain. We drive, too, and our personal rates have also gone up. In fact, in the past few years auto insurance rates have climbed at… [Read More]

New GSW Program Offers Insurance Solutions

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The advisors at General Southwest are excited to announce our recent investment in an innovative program. It combines the latest industry knowledge with leading-edge technology, allowing us to provide enhanced solutions and an additional layer of value to our clients. From cyber risks to updates on pending legislation, we can easily access timely and relevant… [Read More]

25 Most Commonly Stolen Passwords

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How clever is your password? If it’s on the list below, your password is just as easily stolen as it is remembered. Protect yourself by making sure you’re not using one of the top 25 most commonly stolen passwords of 2017, as determined by IT security firm SplashData. To create a more secure password, make… [Read More]

New Cyber Threats Affect Nearly All Computers

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Cyber security researchers recently announced the discovery of two major security flaws that could allow hackers to bypass regular security measures and obtain normally inaccessible data. The flaws, referred to as Meltdown and Spectre, are both caused by design flaws found in nearly all modern processors. These vulnerabilities can be exploited to access data in… [Read More]