Data Breach Solutions for Organizations


Your top salesperson had his company laptop stolen from his parked car. Should the criminal crack the passwords, your entire client data base could be exposed.

An employee unwittingly clicked on a malicious link in an email and now your system is compromised. Will the hackers be able to access your clients’—and your employees—sensitive data?

Your office manager recently had the main photocopier replaced, without first wiping the hard drive. There is no way to know who has now had access to the records stored inside. Do you need to notify your client base? Or should you hope for the best?


It’s not a matter of if, but when.
Data breaches are sometimes caused by criminal acts, but can also happen unintentionally. Regardless of how it occurs, a cyber incident has the power to destroy your company. Recent reports estimate that over 40% of cyber crime is directed at organizations with fewer than 100 employees. If your company is one of them, there is a 60% chance that you’ll be out of business within 6 months.

General Southwest, through a partnership with Merchants Information Solutions, offers VBiz, a data breach solution designed to help organizations deal with these threats.

Would you know what to do?
When a data breach occurs, your company’s immediate response is often the difference between a recoverable incident and devastating loss. But complicated regulations and government mandates make it hard to know what steps you should take. Do the wrong thing, and you are vulnerable to fines, penalties and lawsuits that can destroy your business.

Imagine having someone there who could clean up the mess.

The VBiz Data Breach Solution program will be there for you. Proactive measures include education, monitoring and immediate threat notifications to make sure you stay prepared. And what if a breach does occur? Our remediation services will enable your organization can respond quickly and appropriately so you can focus on what matters most—running your business and maintaining your client relationships.

The program is scalable to meet the needs of any size business, and a variety of components are available for both pre- and post-breach solutions.

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Please note this is not an insurance policy. These plans are designed to assist your company with managing a data breach, and are recommended in addition to cyber liability insurance. Purchasing these service agreements, or other similar products, does not provide financial recompense to affected parties.