Protection for Businesses and Professionals


One of your products has injured someone and you face legal action. Can your business afford the challenge?

Hackers have taken down your system and stolen sensitive information. Can you weather the financial repercussions and the harm to your image?

A former client claims that the advice you gave him was faulty and caused him hardship. He plans to sue. How will you cover the legal fees and cover the time it will take to build your defense?

If one of your key employees dies unexpectedly, would your company suffer?

A fire destroys your building and equipment. Will you be able to resurrect your organization? And how will you and your employees support your families in the meantime?

What if you become too sick or injured to work, will your business go on in your absence?


Businesses today face many risks that go beyond the ordinary and expected. Competitive pressures are also forcing companies to be more flexible, meaning your size, market and product mix are likely to change from year-to-year. Are you sure that the coverage you have in place will truly protect your organization from the things that threaten it most?

At General Southwest, we take the time to help you answer these questions. Our advisors have years of experience and have worked with a wide variety of businesses across many industries. Regardless of your company’s size, managing its risks can be complicated. We can guide you through the maze.

More choices, more solutions
We are partnered with over 40 different insurance companies, which allows us to create customized protection options for any size organization in just about any industry, including specialty programs for:

The most expensive coverage is the one you didn’t know you needed to have
Our clients appreciate the time we take to understand their businesses and the effort we put into finding competitive rates for the protection they need. Your company matters to us, because it matters to you.

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