Water Detection Devices

Worried about water damage?

A water detection device can warn you of leaks before they cause major problems.


Choose a Water Detection Device that’s Right for You

 apartments  small house  large house
Individual water sensors Do-it-yourself whole-home devices Automatic shut-off devices
Best for Those living in an apartment or condo Renters in single-family homes and price-conscious consumers Owners of single-family homes and vacation residences
Benefits • Less expensive
• Easy to install
• Less expensive than professionally installed devices
• Flexible installation
• Comprehensive monitoring
• Automatic water shut-off feature can limit damage
Limitations • Each only monitors a small area
• No shut-off feature
• No shut-off feature
• May require a power outlet
• Complex installation
• More expensive
• Requires a power outlet
What’s it all about? These sensors can warn you with an alarm, a message to your smartphone or both. They are a great option for dwellings with fewer areas at risk. These devices are self-installed and attach to your main water supply line to monitor the flow of water using ultrasonic sound. They will send a message to your smartphone if a leak is detected. These devices are professionally installed and attach to your main water supply line. They will not only alert you to a leak, but they can automatically turn off your water when one occurs.

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